Devin Goetz
Devin Goetz
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E. & J. Gallo

In the fall of 2015, I worked with E&J Gallo Winery to produce a wine brand that spoke specifically to millennials. Myself and three other group members developed the brand, Jewel. 

As a group we wanted to design a brand that would resonate in millennials, and nothing could have been easier than selling something to ourselves. Since we are part of the millennial group we have a good handle on what appeals to us. Our brand targeted millennial's who enjoy some kind of story, as well as feeling luxury with a modern millennial feel. Which is why we came up with the name “Jewel." Connecting wine flavors with certain types of gems. Each wine flavor paring its name to a royal stone of some kind. Ruby Red and Mystic Topaz. Each flavor with a modern look inspired by a jewel cut. Giving our consumer the idea that they are tasting gems or luxury making any moment special.